SpanDisc Portable Disc Spanning Module


When DVD recording was developed, most hard drives had a capacity of less than 5 GB. Today, most hard drives dwarf the 4.5 GB capacity of DVDs. File sizes have also grown, along with the number of files that must be managed. In GIS and other mapping applications, file sizes can easily exceed the capacity of a DVD. Alternative storage media, such as tape and optical discs, lack the broad availability of read back devices and cross-platform compatibility that DVD has. Higher capacity discs, such as HD DVD and Blu Ray, are not yet available.

Young Minds developed SpanDisc incorporating disc spanning technology, to meet this challenge. SpanDisc works with all Young Minds CD and DVD recording products. With SpanDisc, users can record files of 50 GB and more on both CD and DVD discs. Once the discs are recorded, they can be read back on not only the same type of computer that created them, but on just about any Unix or Windows computer.

A major defense contractor needed to archive and distribute large files and wanted to use DVD recordable media for this purpose. These files were up to 50 GB, were located on an SGI computer running IRIX, and needed to be archived and distributed for access on SGI and other platforms and at remote locations. SpanDisc allows this customer to use standard DVD recordable media, and works with SGI IRIX, other Unix operating systems, and under Windows. SpanDisc exceeds all the requirements for this customer.

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