VoD - Verification on Demand


As the number of CDs and DVDs increases, a quick, reliable method of testing the data integrity of the discs is needed. Checking discs can be a time consuming chore, since each file has to be checked to ensure that it is readable.

Young Minds developed Verification on Demand (VoD). VoD is a small application that can be run from most computers, or it can be added to a CD or DVD before it is recorded. VoD generates a check sum table, which is added to the CD or DVD when it is created. To check the integrity of the disc in the future, a user runs VoD and compares the values generated to the values that were recorded on the disc. VoD processes can be automated for batch processing.

A large bank creates thousands of CDs each month containing archived check images. Although additional copies of the CDs exist, the bank periodically tests the integrity of each disc by running VoD. Previously, they did not have a method for testing the tests. VoD exceeds the requirements for this customer.

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