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Young Minds Inc. is a privately held company located in Southern California. Founded in 1989 by Andrew Young, David Cote, and Matthew Hornbeck, the company's original focus (as reflected in its name) was to develop educational CD-ROM titles. The lack of good CD-ROM development tools resulted in the company shifting its focus to creating CD authoring software.

With the introduction of CD-R recorders, the company developed CD Studio, the first direct attach CD recording solution for Unix computers. CD Studio was well-received in the market, and has evolved into the current family of Young Minds' Studio CD-R and DVD-R solutions. These solutions include CD Studio, Power Studio and MPS4.

Young Minds has always taken a leading role in expanding the capabilities of CD and DVD technology through its relationship with other prominent companies and as an active partner in various optical disc standards committees.

Andrew Young, Chairman of the company, authored the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol proposal, which defines additional functionality for ISO 9660 standard discs used in UNIX environments. It was the publication of Rock Ridge that made the use of CD and DVD technology practical in Unix environments.

At Young Minds, we solve problems. From our early days in 1989 to the present, Young Minds, Inc. (YMi) has been in the business of providing solutions to data storage challenges. A consistent history of industry firsts highlights the innovative thinking that has made YMi the leader in CD/DVD/Blu-Ray data storage.

  • 1989: Young Minds, Inc. founded
  • 1990: MakeDisc released, the first CD premastering software for Unix
  • 1992: CD Studio released, the first complete CD recording system for Unix
  • 1995: MPS released, the first high volume CD recording system for Unix
  • 1999: JobTicket technology introduced, the first software to simplify centralized CD-R production
  • 2000: DVD Studio released, the first complete DVD recording system for Unix
  • 2002: microData Center released, the first comprehensive DVD library solution
  • 2004: Verification on Demand released: the first simple data verification program for CDs and DVDs
  • 2005: iStudio released, the first complete and extensible DVD archival solution
  • 2008: CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Studio upgraded to write Blu-Ray discs
  • 2010: iStudio 2.0 released for CD/DVD/Blu-Ray distritbuion and data management

Today, Young Minds remains focused on developing leading edges storage and archival solutions that are scalable across the entire enterprise. With its expertise in CD and DVD technology, Unix and other high end operating systems, Young Minds is where you will find the most innovative disc solutions, whatever your requirements.

Young Minds, Inc.
1014 East Cooley Drive, Suite H
Colton, CA 92324
Tel: 909-426-4860
Fax: 909-426.4866

Management Team
Chairman: Andrew Young
CEO: David H. Cote
President: Matthew Hornbeck


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