iStudio 2.0 Overview

Can you find that file? The one from two years ago that the auditor has to have? Even if you have forgotten what you named it? With yVolume technology the answer is: “Absolutely!”
With yVolume Technology your data is always an asset; because you know what and where it is every time you need it.
A yVolume data package contains a standards-based, meta aware, tracked data collection. A group of yVolumes create your yLibrary. The YMiLibrarian automates yVolume creation and maintains a metadata based yVolume catalog for centralized management of distributed data. iStudio 2.0 integrates the YMiLibrarian with storage and distribution options for no fuss total solution.
Putting it all together
yVolume Technology puts data into discrete standardized packages called yVolumes.
All yVolumes are created, secured, managed, and tracked by the YMiLibrarian.
create a yLibrary which is managed by the YMiLibrarian.
yLibrary is virtual and can reside anywhere: online, near-line, off-line on existing infrastructure and even on a cloud.
The YMiLibrarian is the heart of the iStudio which adds customized storage and distribution options

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