What are yVolumes?
yVolumes are fixed data packages that have been captured at a given moment.  yVolumes are  secure, trackable and quickly accessible for reuse or distribution.  yVolumes are :
  • Packaged with metadata for security and easy tracking
  • Cross platform compatible and operating system independent
  • Storage location independent – online, near line, off line, on existing infrastructure or a cloud
  • Unalterable  to assure data and file integrity and historical accuracy
  • yVolumes are free of physical media constraints and yet easily written to optical media
Why yVolumes?
Worry free archiving! Once your data is packaged into yVolumes you know that: 
  • individual yVolumes are part of an integrated whole
  • all of your yVolumes are catalogued and easily accessible
  • each yVolume contains data that is historically valid
  • none of the data in a yVolume has been altered or lost while stored
  • each yVolume is free of physical media constraints
  • each yVolume is standards based and cross platform compatible
  • data stored today will be readable in 5, 10, 20 even 50 years from now
  • a ollection of  yVolumes create a  fully featured yLibrary managed by the YMiLibrarian
  • in your  yLibrary all  data is interconnected, trackable, secured, and centrally managed
Putting it all together
yVolume Technology puts data into discrete standardized packages called yVolumes.
All yVolumes are created, secured, managed, and tracked by the YMiLibrarian.
create a yLibrary which is managed by the YMiLibrarian.
yLibrary is virtual and can reside anywhere: online, near-line, off-line on existing infrastructure and even on a cloud.
The YMiLibrarian is the heart of the iStudio which adds customized storage and distribution options


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