Data to Data Assets

Data is an asset if it’s meaning is preserved; if it can be found again; and if it is usable when found. The YMiLibrarian turns your data into an asset.

 The YMiLibrarian packages data it into discrete yVolumes: secure, unalterable, standardized data packages that are frozen at a given moment in time.  yVolumes are virtual and can reside anywhere:  online, near-line, off-line, on existing infrastructure or even on a cloud

 yVolumes contextualize every bit of your data with metadata. Each yVolume is unalterable, historically accurate and readable by any computing system, anywhere. 

The YMiLibrarian

The YMi Librarian creates and secures each yVolume. Think about the YMiLibrarian as a human librarian who: 

  •  Applies metadata to each yVolume

  •  Uses the metadata to catalog every yVolume

  •  Maintains the metadata catalog 

  •  Checks yVolumes into or out of the yLibrary

  •  Tracks how yVolumes circulate throughout the organization

  •  Determines where to store each yVolume: online, near line, off line, on existing infrastructure or on a cloud

  •  Removes yVolumes from active circulation as appropriate

  •  Retrieves yVolumes on demand for compliance, repurposing, development, version control and/or  distribution

  •  Transfers yVolumes to appropriate users

Putting it all together
yVolume Technology puts data into discrete standardized packages called yVolumes.
All yVolumes are created, secured, managed, and tracked by the YMiLibrarian.
create a yLibrary which is managed by the YMiLibrarian.
yLibrary is virtual and can reside anywhere: online, near-line, off-line on existing infrastructure and even on a cloud.
The YMiLibrarian is the heart of the iStudio which adds customized storage and distribution options


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