iStudio: The YMiLibrarian Appliance

iStudio 2.0 combines the YMiLibrarian with a virtual jukebox for near line storage.  Add a Library hub to create a larger virtual jukebox  or for cost effective, energy efficient  storage attach a  5TB-100TB Green library.
Complement your storage options with a  Distribution hub that manages, writes and labels optical media (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray).  Make and track as many copies as you wish for sharing, development tracking and compliance.  The YMiLibrarian will encrypt and rack these copies.  The hub also provides quick, automatic reloading of data from disc(s) back on to the Jukebox for online access.


Putting it all together
yVolume Technology puts data into discrete standardized packages called yVolumes.
All yVolumes are created, secured, managed, and tracked by theYMiLibrarian.
create a yLibrary which is managed by theYMiLibrarian.
yLibrary is virtual and can reside anywhere: online, near-line, off-line on existing infrastructure and even on a cloud.
The YMiLibrarian is the heart of the iStudio which adds customized storage and distribution options

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