Factotum Encryption

Two thirds of corporate data is considered sensitive, confidential or secret. Every year corporations go to great lengths to protect their data assets. Most use some form of encryption which hides data from unauthorized users. Authorized users (key holders) are issued keys to that unlock (decrypt) the data and allow them to see and use the information.

Why Encrypt?

Organizations choose to encrypt data for many reasons. The types and levels of encryption vary as do the reasons.
Some of the most common cited are:

  • Limiting access to sensitive corporate data
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Controlling confidential data stored in the general corporate data storage pool
  • Protecting confidential data is sent to offsite backup
  • Safeguarding private data distributed outside of the organization

Factotum Encryption

The YMi Factotum Encryption Software offers robust data protection. It protects entire yVolume or specific files and folders. Factotum encrypts data based on 256bit algorithms; the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the NSA for top secret information. Other features include:

  • Transparency to the end user
  • Policy based and controlled security
  • Options for full image or file‐by‐file encryption
  • Ability to encrypt data only or the data plus the metadata
  • Choice of 42 predefined AES algorithms

For data security factotum is the must have add on!

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